Judaism as a Religion of Time – Heschel on the Sabbath

Abraham Heschel, second from right

“Judaism is a religion of time aiming at the sanctification of time” (Abraham Heschel)

Earlier this week I read a wonderful little book by Abraham Heschel called The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man. I became aware of this book through Moltmann’s use of it in his chapter on The Feast of Creation in God in Creation (GC). Readers familiar with The Crucified God will recall that Moltmann there used Heschel’s book, The Prophets, to develop the idea of the pathos of God. Moltmann loves to use Jewish theologians like Heschel in his work; perhaps this is because for Moltmann the first great schism in the people of God was between Christian and Jew.

I’ve included the passage where Moltmann uses Heschel at the bottom of this post. First, here are some of my favorite quotations from The Sabbath: Continue reading Judaism as a Religion of Time – Heschel on the Sabbath

The American Dream is the Human Dream

The Statue of Liberty

This post is part of what I hope will become an ongoing series on Moltmann’s political theology. You can check out my first post in this series here. Since we are coming up on one of the most important American patriotic holidays this weekend – Independence Day – I thought it might be a good time to share what Moltmann has to say about the American Dream. What we find here is, I think, both a powerful affirmation of the American Dream as an ideal, and yet a sobering reminder of what it means for the rest of the world if the American Dream is only for America.

In On Human Dignity, Jürgen Moltmann has an essay called “America as Dream”, where he states: “Before there was the American dream, there was America as dream.” (p. 147) In other words, what we today call “the American dream” was a human dream long before it was identified with a certain place. It may be identified particularly with the United States as an important experiment and expression, but its aims are for everyone. It is both particularist (the mission of America) and universalist (for the good of mankind). Continue reading The American Dream is the Human Dream