I don’t “believe” in evolution (but think it is probably true)

Not long ago I was talking with someone who informed me that he heard that I “believe” in evolution.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that.
My knee jerk reaction to a statement like that is one of denial, but probably not for the reason you might suspect. Usually when I discuss my beliefs with someone it is with regards to some area of theology or philosophy. It doesn’t occur to me to say that I “believe” in this scientific theory or that. I’m not a scientist, but I appreciate the work they do (and benefit from it every day!) and sometimes read books that they write. And I don’t think that they are involved in some massive conspiracy to debunk my faith. Scientists, like good theologians and biblical scholars, are concerned with the discovery of truth. My belief about a scientific theory doesn’t matter. What matters is whether it is true, and I do not posses the knowledge or skills to attempt to dispute the overwhelming evidence and consensus among specialists in relevant fields regarding the theory of evolution. (I’ll open another can of worms: I could say the same thing about climate change!)