Jürgen Moltmann 2001 Grider-Winget Lecture Series at NTS (Audio)

20140326-211729.jpgApparently, the theme here on Moltmanniac this week is Moltmann audio (see here, here, and here)!

In October 2001, Jürgen Moltmann delivered a series of lectures at Nazarene Theological Seminary. I became aware of them a while back because several blog posts and pages (like this one) linked to the media files… but by the time I got to them, the links were dead! When I contacted NTS about the possibility of finding these files, I was informed that they were forever lost…. However, I could obtain cassette tapes from their library. This week, I’ve been working on digitizing these tapes, which you can now listen to below or download. I’ve spot checked some of this audio, but have not listened to it all yet. If you find any issues with the files please let me know!

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