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Growing Collection of Moltmann audio and video…. Are you aware of any resources I’m missing. Please drop me a comment!

Predestination: Karl Barth’s Doctrine of the Election of Grace, Princeton, 2015 (audio, video, notes)

A Theology of Joy – Conversation with Miroslav Volf, 2014 (video)

Emergent Village Theological Conversation (mirror), 2009 (audio)

Wesleyan and Pentecostal Theological Society Meeting at Duke Divinity School, 2008:
1) Sighs, Signs, and Significance (audio)
2) Darwin and the Interpretation of Natural Theology (audio) [PDF]

Do You Understand What You Are Reading? Cambridge, 2009 (audio and video)

From Physics to Theology: A Personal Story, Faraday Institude, 2011 (audio and video) (Bonus: Discussion with Richard Baukham, John Polkinghorne and others)

Is the world unfinished?, 2011 Boyle Lecture Hosted by St Mary-le-Bow Church (video)

Trinity Wall Street 37th National Theological Conference, 2007 (videos):
1) Interview
2) God’s Unfinished Future Pt 1
3) God’s Unfinished Future Pt 2

The Vital Power of Hope (and other lectures by and about Moltmann) at Seattle Pacific University, 2007 (audio and video)

Grider-Winget Lecture Series at Nazarene Theological Seminary, 2001 (audio)

Parchman Endowed Lectures (Session 1,  Session 2, Session 3) at Baylor University, 2000 (audio)

Warfield Lectures on the Trinity, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1979 (audio)

Lectures on Messianic Living, Human Rights, the Trinity, and Liberation Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1976

Lectures on Theology of Hope and The Crucified God, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1968-1972

Sun of Righteousness, Arise! Emory University, 2011

The Crucified God, date and location unknown (audio)

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    1. Those are on there too! The URL format is “”. I’ve been finding the year and recording ID info in this document: Looks like this series is recording ID’s 2508-2513… So for example, the link to the first one is: I spot checked that one but not the rest.

      Not all of the PTS recordings in the document are posted online, but maybe 3/4 of the ones I have checked are. It’s a massive resource!

  1. Greetings from the University of Pretoria!

    Prof Moltmann recently visited our Faculty of Theology so that he could speak at a number of our Centenary Celebration events, as well as receive an honorary Doctorate at our 2017 graduation ceremony. Here below are some links to various online articles and announcements which capture the highlights of this momentous event in the history of our academy.


    PS – I also have some great photos if you would like copies.

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