Jürgen Moltmann on where the Spirit is moving in today’s church

I would be remiss as a Moltmanniac if I didn’t pass this on… Peter Heltzel met with Jürgen Moltmann today and shared some wonderful tidbits today on a Twitter (I think you can see the whole thread between here and here). I was pleased to hear from from this exchange that at 88 years old Moltmann is in “stout health” and still offering insightful answers to probing questions! On Facebook Heltzel shared in more detail Moltmann’s powerful response to a question about where the Spirit is moving:

Here is Jürgen Moltmann’s response to my question “Where do you see the Spirit moving in the contemporary German church?” in Tübingen today. Moltmann said, “The rising Spirit is expressed through active engagement in the tasks of the congregation, service, table, feeding the hungry, & working for justice. The church of the people needs the freedom to make up one’s own mind. We need to move away from the Pastor-centered Church to a Gemeindekirche, a People’s Church. The one is the pastor-centric church with top-down directives, while the other is a “congregation from below” in the name of the Spirit. The Charisma of the Spirit is being rediscovered in the community life of the Gemeindekirche. Normally, the state church is a church without community. Now we have the community up-building “from below,” a trace of the Spirit and sign of hope today!”

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