My Top 10 Favorite Jürgen Moltmann Quotes

In honor of Jürgen Moltmann’s 89th birthday today, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite short quotations from him. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. “When the crucified Jesus is called ‘the image of the invisible God,’ the meaning is that this is God, and God is like this.” (The Crucified God. Read more here)
  2. “Behind all of this is the conviction that, humanly speaking, truth is to be found in unhindered dialog.” (The Trinity and the Kingdom. Read more here)
  3. “The goal of Christian universalism can be realized precisely through the dialectic of siding with the humiliated.” (Religion, Revolution and the Future. Read more here)
  4. “The destiny of unbelievers we should leave to God and hope and pray for them – There is for us a universalism of hope and prayer, I would say.” (Personal letter to me. Read more here)
  5. “Truth is universal. Only the lie is particularist.” (The Trinity and the Kingdom. Read more here)
  6. “From first to last, and not merely in the epilogue, Christianity is eschatology, is hope, forward looking and forward moving, and therefore also revolutionizing and transforming the present.” (Theology of Hope. Read more here).
  7. “Death will die, not-being will no longer be, hell will go to hell.” (The Coming of God. Read more here)
  8. “There is no ‘outside the gate’ with God (Borchert), if God himself is the one who died outside the gate on Golgotha for those who are outside…” (The Crucified God. Read more here)
  9. “Does Job have any real theological friend except the crucified Jesus on Golgotha?” (The Trinity and the Kingdom. Read more here)
  10. “And now hope is for me anticipated joy, as anxiety is anticipated terror.”
    (Conversation with Miroslav Volf. Read more here)

Do you have a favorite Moltmann quote that didn’t make my list? Leave a comment below!

For a complete listing of Moltmann’s writings in English, visit here.

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  1. I called him to congratulate, and was happy to hear, that he is doing very well and is planning his 90. Anniversary

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