Read Moltmann’s Christology (The Way of Jesus Christ) with a great group of fellow Moltmanniacs

Several of us over at the Jürgen Moltmann Discussion Group on Facebook will soon begin reading and discussing the third volume in Jürgen Moltmann’s series of Systematic Contributions to Theology – The Way of Jesus Christ. We’ll start on Monday, May 18 and will aim for a pace of about 20 pages a week. This book is readily available in print and on Kindle

Below is a quote to give you a taste of what we are getting into (via Juan C. Torres, who is also a member of our group and blogs over at PostMoltmannian):

Every human christology is a ‘christology of the way’, not yet a ‘christology of the home country’, a christology of faith, not yet a christology of sight. So christology is no more than the beginning of eschatology; and eschatology, as the Christian faith understands it, is always the consummation of christology.

(Jürgen Moltmann, The Way of Jesus Christ, Loc. 94 in Kindle Version)

I’ve not yet read this book in full, but I’ve read several of the chapters for topical research and have already shared a few selections from it here on Moltmanniac:

It’s going to be a good time. Order you copy today and join us!  

One thought on “Read Moltmann’s Christology (The Way of Jesus Christ) with a great group of fellow Moltmanniacs”

  1. I like Moltmann’s approach here. It’s an example of diplomatically “confronting” (while largely side-stepping confrontation) a belief one finds untenable or problematic. I am increasingly trying to go that route… having once been very “traditionalist” (Evangelical) I am now very progressive (“Process”) but try to get along with those more literalist than I by leaving my symbolic re-interpretations mostly to myself unless there is a need to “argue” over a certain point… and even then to do it graciously.

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