Remembering the Martyred Jesuit Priests 25 Years Later

On today’s date 25 years ago, six well-known Jesuit priests, along with their housekeeper and her daughter, were brutally murdered at the hands of the Salvadorian Army.   The priests had been teaching at Central American University and were known for their advocacy of Liberation Theology. This event came at the height of the Salvadorian Civil War and helped bring the ugliness of this conflict to the attention of the world. It may have also contributed to the spread of liberation theology that is still noticeable today.  

Jon Sobrino was a housemate of theirs who escaped their fate because he was not there that night. Jon’s copy of The Crucified God was knocked off a bookshelf as bodies were dragged into his room, and it became soaked in the blood of the slain. Hearing about this had a deep impact on Moltmann, who commented that “these martyrs are the seed of the resurrection of a new world.”

Jon Sobrino's blood stained copy of The Crucified God
Jon Sobrino’s blood stained copy of The Crucified God

Michael Lee reflected on this massacre, what led up to it, and its lasting impact in an NPR interview a few days ago:

If the embedded audio does not display above, you can find the story here. It is well worth a listen!

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