Love: The Foundation of Hope (Part 1)

Jürgen Moltmann in “Love: The Foundation of Hope,” produced by Trinity Church in New York City

Some of you may be aware that Jürgen Moltmann participated in a Trinity Institute Conference at Trinity Church in 2007 (which, by the way, can be found online and is one of the best bits of free Moltmann video around!). I recently discovered that about twenty years prior to that, in 1986,  Jürgen Moltmann and his wife Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel were honored guests at a previous Trinity Institute Conference, titled “Love: The Foundation of Hope.” And like the more recent one, it too was recorded! Highlights were nicely edited into four fifteen minute sections and published as a VHS tape designed for individual or group study at local churches as a companion to a book published under the same name. The opening paragraphs from the book provide helpful background information about this conference:

This volume focuses on the life and work of two distinguished theologians, Jürgen Moltmann and Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel. The chapters were presented in April 1986 at a transcontinental festival in their honor in New York,  St. Louis, and San Francisco sponsored by Trinity Institute. The occasion for the celebration was the Moltmann’s sixtieth birthdays, which occurred in 1986.

Trinity Institute is a national program of theological renewal supported by the parish of Trinity Church in New York City. Its primary purpose is the stimulation of theological inquiry for the practice of Christian ministry. Each year since 1968, Trinity Institute has brought together renowned theologians and church leaders with clergy and laity from the Episcopal church to explore issues of critical importance to church and society.

In 1986, the Institute’s national conference featured the Moltmanns and ten other Christian scholars from across the continent and around the globe: Jose Miguez Bonino (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Frederic Burnham (New York City); Hans Frei (New Haven, Connecticut); James Kaluma (Namibia, Africa); Charles McCoy (Berkeley, California); Douglas Meeks (St. Louis, Missouri); Christopher Morse (New York City); Letty Russell (New Haven, Connecticut); Stephen Sykes (Cambridge, England); and Susan Thistethwaite (Chicago, Illinois). The conference was a gathering of theological colleagues who shared an appreciation of the profound contribution that the Moltmanns have made in the past three decades to the worldwide Christian community’s understanding of itself and its mission but who also sough to extend those insights into new theological territory.

I’ve obtained permission from the parish to digitize and publish the content in this VHS tape.   My plan is to publish one segment a day this week until they are all online, complete with the notes for group discussion.

Each video is narrated by Frederic Burnham and includes conversations between Rev Leonard Freeman various theologians regarding the life and work of the Moltmanns. The sessions are as follows: 1) Jürgen Moltmann: A Theology of Hope (this post); 2) Theology of Hope: Critiques and Questions; 3) Theology of Hope: The Feminist Response; and 4) Theology of Hope: The Church in the WorldPlus, a short bonus video.

This first session includes contributions from Jürgen Moltmann, Christopher Morse, Stephen Sykes, and Hans Frei! Below the embedded video you’ll find the group discussion content (introductory and for session 1) from the pamphlet. Continue reading Love: The Foundation of Hope (Part 1)

Jürgen Moltmann 2001 Grider-Winget Lecture Series at NTS (Audio)

20140326-211729.jpgApparently, the theme here on Moltmanniac this week is Moltmann audio (see here, here, and here)!

In October 2001, Jürgen Moltmann delivered a series of lectures at Nazarene Theological Seminary. I became aware of them a while back because several blog posts and pages (like this one) linked to the media files… but by the time I got to them, the links were dead! When I contacted NTS about the possibility of finding these files, I was informed that they were forever lost…. However, I could obtain cassette tapes from their library. This week, I’ve been working on digitizing these tapes, which you can now listen to below or download. I’ve spot checked some of this audio, but have not listened to it all yet. If you find any issues with the files please let me know! Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 2001 Grider-Winget Lecture Series at NTS (Audio)

Jürgen Moltmann 1968-1972 Lectures on Theology of Hope and The Crucified God (audio)

I’ve discovered three more Jürgen Moltmann lectures* that are available free via Princeton Theological Seminary. The first two are from the year Moltmann spent in America after the publication of Theology of Hope in English, and the other corresponds to the publication of The Crucified God. Enjoy!

Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 1968-1972 Lectures on Theology of Hope and The Crucified God (audio)

Jürgen Moltmann 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation (Audio)

juergen_moltmann1Yesterday I shared some audio from Princeton Theological Seminary from when professor Moltmann delivered his historic Warfield lectures in 1979 on the Trinity. A few years earlier (1976), he delivered a different series of lectures at PTS on a variety of topics that are also available for free download. I’ve started listening to the audio from both collections – the quality is very good, and it has been a delight to hear for the first time a much younger Moltmann (easily 30 years younger than in any other lecture I’ve heard). I’m finding these to be unusually engaging for academic theology lectures. He is witty and even self depreciating at points, and (judging from the laughter) he clearly had the audience on the edge of their seats despite his German English.

I am listing the lectures from this series below, with links to the original source, direct MP3 mirror links hosted here (just in case!), and also as embedded media for easy access. Enjoy!  Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation (Audio)

Jürgen Moltmann 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (FREE Audio!)

Today I contacted Princeton Theological Seminary about purchasing digital copies of the lectures that Moltmann gave in October 1979 on the Trinity (these lectures form the basis for some of the chapters in The Trinity and the Kingdom), and was advised that these audio files are now offered FREE OF CHARGE. Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (FREE Audio!)