Karl Barth’s 1962 Warfield Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary (Free Audio!)

Karl Barth, Image Source

Since being directed by Princeton Theological Seminary on how to freely access the Moltmann Warfield Lectures from 1979, I did some poking around in their media archive (once you figure out how to find your way around, it’s a goldmine!), and found that Karl Barth’s 1962 Warfield Lectures are also easily and freely available for download. I shared this previously with the Karl Barth Discussion Group (which you should totally join if you haven’t already!) and with my friend Wyatt (the “PostBarthian”), who has already posted the lectures to his blog… We seem to be mirroring each other this week! 🙂

Enjoy this free audio, and remember, being a Moltmanniac doesn’t necessarily mean leaving Barth behind!

As before, please note that this resource is made available by the seminary for personal use and is not to be copied or distributed for financial gain. 

Jürgen Moltmann 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation (Audio)

juergen_moltmann1Yesterday I shared some audio from Princeton Theological Seminary from when professor Moltmann delivered his historic Warfield lectures in 1979 on the Trinity. A few years earlier (1976), he delivered a different series of lectures at PTS on a variety of topics that are also available for free download. I’ve started listening to the audio from both collections – the quality is very good, and it has been a delight to hear for the first time a much younger Moltmann (easily 30 years younger than in any other lecture I’ve heard). I’m finding these to be unusually engaging for academic theology lectures. He is witty and even self depreciating at points, and (judging from the laughter) he clearly had the audience on the edge of their seats despite his German English.

I am listing the lectures from this series below, with links to the original source, direct MP3 mirror links hosted here (just in case!), and also as embedded media for easy access. Enjoy!  Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation (Audio)

Jürgen Moltmann 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (FREE Audio!)

Today I contacted Princeton Theological Seminary about purchasing digital copies of the lectures that Moltmann gave in October 1979 on the Trinity (these lectures form the basis for some of the chapters in The Trinity and the Kingdom), and was advised that these audio files are now offered FREE OF CHARGE. Continue reading Jürgen Moltmann 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (FREE Audio!)

Do You Understand What You Are Reading?

I’ve been working bit-by-bit on putting together a fairly extensive Jürgen Moltmann resources section to this website (books, audio/video, articles, etc)…. more or less to help myself keep track of what’s out there, but it’s possible that some of you might find it useful also. I’m aware of a couple similar pages that already exist, but I generally find that they are a bit outdated and have bad links. Also when it comes to online media (articles, lectures, etc) I’m pretty much only interested in the material that is out there for free that I can share with my friends, so I’m not including material that only exists on the other side of a pay wall. From time to time (like in a post like this) I’ll share about a specific Moltmann book our lecture, but any primary sources I reference can also be easily accessed from these pages:

Of these, I wanted to highlight a great lecture by Moltmann that focuses in on a question I’ve heard him put forth a number of times, based on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8: “Do you understand what you are reading?”

Continue reading Do You Understand What You Are Reading?