Allah: A Christian Response (Miroslav Volf) – Ebook Deal + Lecture Video

Miroslav Volf. Image Source: Wikipedia

Miroslav Volf is certainly one of Jürgen Moltmann’s most famous students. He is best known for Exclusion and Embrace, and I personally found the way that he intertwined his own story into a very straightforward telling of the Gospel to be very powerful in Free of Charge (his book on public theology was pretty darn good too). Readers of this blog will recognize him as Moltmann’s conversation partner in the recent video on A Theology of Joy. Volf’s most recent work, diving into the world of inter-religious dialog between Christians and Muslims, is Allah: A Christian Response.  I haven’t read this book yet, but I have watched a very helpful lecture that he gave on this topic (embedded below), which was enough for me to put it on my wish list. And now is the time to get it, because I learned today that HarperOne is offering the Kindle version for $2.99 through October 12.

Not quite as exciting as a free Moltmann book, but I still thought it was worth passing on! Continue reading Allah: A Christian Response (Miroslav Volf) – Ebook Deal + Lecture Video