Jürgen Moltmann on Why We Need Both Natural Theology and Revelation Theology


In my view, natural theology is an essential task for Christian theology. It is an anticipation of the eschatological theology of glory in and for nature.
Jürgen Moltmann, Science and Wisdom, p 53

In 2012, Jürgen Moltmann gave a lecture entitled “From Physics to Theology: A Personal Story” for the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion (it’s well worth a listen!). Following his lecture was an extended discussion about science and theology which included the likes of John Polkinghorne and Richard Baukham. Below is a short exchange on the topic of natural theology. You can read the entire transcript for this discussion here. Enjoy!

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Do You Understand What You Are Reading?

I’ve been working bit-by-bit on putting together a fairly extensive Jürgen Moltmann resources section to this website (books, audio/video, articles, etc)…. more or less to help myself keep track of what’s out there, but it’s possible that some of you might find it useful also. I’m aware of a couple similar pages that already exist, but I generally find that they are a bit outdated and have bad links. Also when it comes to online media (articles, lectures, etc) I’m pretty much only interested in the material that is out there for free that I can share with my friends, so I’m not including material that only exists on the other side of a pay wall. From time to time (like in a post like this) I’ll share about a specific Moltmann book our lecture, but any primary sources I reference can also be easily accessed from these pages:

Of these, I wanted to highlight a great lecture by Moltmann that focuses in on a question I’ve heard him put forth a number of times, based on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8: “Do you understand what you are reading?”

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