Love: The Foundation of Hope (Part 3)

Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel in "Love: The Foundation of Hope"
Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel in “Love: The Foundation of Hope”

So far this week I’ve shared the first two parts of “Love: The Foundation of Hope,” a video series produced by Trinity Church in New York from the 1986 Trinity Institute Conference held in honor of the Moltmanns. Those parts were: “Jürgen Moltmann: A Theology of Hope,” and “Theology of Hope: Critiques and Questions.”  This third video, “Theology of Hope: The Feminist Response,”  is a special treat, because it focuses especially on Jürgen Moltmann’s wife, Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel, who is an exemplar feminist theologian in her own right.

This segment, like the others, is narrated by Frederic Burnham and includes conversations between Rev Leonard Freeman various theologians regarding the life and work of the Moltmanns. In addition to Moltmann-Wendel, this session includes conversations with Letty Russell and Charles McCoy. Below the embedded video you’ll find the group discussion content from the pamphlet included with the video.

Tomorrow I will post the final installment – “Theology of Hope: The Church in the World.”

Part 3 – Theology of Hope: The Feminist Response

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