Understanding the Resurrection in Light of the Cross

This post is a part of my ongoing (slow and steady) blog series on The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann (CG). You can view the other posts in this series here.

In my previous post, we explored the first side of Moltmann’s “forwards and backwards” reading of the cross from chapter 5 of CG: Understanding the Cross in Light of the Resurrection. The other side to consider is how the cross should cause us to think differently about the resurrection.

I think at some level we are already quite comfortable in general with the idea of “understanding the cross in light of the resurrection”, but we have a tendency (at least in my experience) to do so in a more or less triumphant way: the resurrection means that Jesus is victorious over suffering and death. Therefore, we don’t see the presence of Christ in our sufferings but only in our successes. But as Moltmann reminded us in his recent conversation with Miroslav Volf, the cross and the resurrection are the two sides of the presence of Christ. This means that the presence of Christ is with us in all times and all places; there is no place where the presence of Christ is absent.

Below are some selections from CG which explore the meaning of the cross for the resurrection.

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